Whip City 2018 Crazily Paisley $10 Bikinis (S-XL)


$10.48 $9.74

A beautiful array of unique, affordable swimsuits. Buy $10 bikinis all your own style from the comfort of your home. You wanna stand out not stand in line!



Unique $10 Bikinis Like No Other in Vibrant Paisley

For all Ages & Sizes.

Welcome to Whip City’s beautiful array of unique as well as affordable swimsuits. Our $10 bikinis are unlike most out there. Even though they are all $10 or less our quality is no different than what you would see at any stone age outlet mall or department store. All this and more. No trip!

Furthermore why bum around a store looking for something someone else has already purchased before. Its just a matter of common sense in addition to fashion sense. Buy $10 bikinis all your own style from the comfort of your home. You wanna stand out not stand in line!!

 In conclusion Whip City Relics provides you with two major benefits that most if not all outlets and stores just simply can not compete with. Those benefits are the convenience to shop confidently from your own home and best the provocation of all the wonderfully unique standout products not available in most offline stores without sacrificing quality. $10 bikinis all quality all gorgeous.

2017 New Push Up Bikini Set Women’s Swimsuit

Product Description

Item Type: Bikinis Set

Brand Name: Sea Grove

Waist: Low Waist

Support Type: Underwire

With Pad: Yes

Pattern Type: Print

Material: Nylon/Spandex

Style: Multi-Color Paisley Blues, Greens, Reds & White

Size: S/M/L/XL

Swimsuit Top: Push Up Bikini Top

Swimsuit Bottom: Low Waist Bikini Bottom

Bikini model: Paisley 2017



Additional information

Weight.44 lbs
Dimensions7.87 × 7.87 × 3.94 in

S, M, L, XL

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  1. Everything was good!!! Bottoms were smaller than desired but not stores issue or manufacture’s. It’s a mom thing lol!!!

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