Womens Swimwear- Neon Green Push-Up Zip-Up Bandeau Bikini (S-XL)


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2017 Women’s Swimwear – Neon Green Push-Up Zip-Up Bandeau Bikini

Stunning white lace shirt and other high quality affordable summer-wear at Whip City Relics! Welcome to our year one summer 2017 collection. Unique modern styles to impress your friends and show off that beautiful body you’ve been working hard for all winter. The latest in swimwear, dresses, shawls and accessories for women all over the world. Our stunning summer shirts are just one of our many unique style options offered by the site. We bring fresh exotic designs for you to access at the touch of a few buttons.

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Womens Swimwear Hot Neon Green!
Women’s Swimwear Hot Neon Green!

Whip City Relics offers quality style influenced by the 413. Most noteworthy, all bathing suits are on sale now for $9.99 and below! Get the style you have been craving for this summer. Shop unique, sexy apparel at Whip City Relics and get the best deals for your summer collection. All items ship in 60 days or less. Order now and get ready for swimsuit season!

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Weight0.29 lbs
Dimensions8.66 × 8.66 × 0.79 in

S, M, L

9 thoughts on “Womens Swimwear- Neon Green Push-Up Zip-Up Bandeau Bikini (S-XL)

  1. Thick material, same as pictures, top for small boobs which was good for me but I needed a bigger bottom

  2. I’m disappointed:-( ESG ordered size on my 42-44 og 82-84. pants were ok but the bust I think for a child. the cup itself is thin parolone. maybe larger sitting better. delivery to St. Petersburg for three weeks

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